Hi! I'm Jonas Becker

I'm a computer science student and passionate developer from Germany with big interests in creative ideas and technology. Currently I'm studying at the University of Wuppertal to get my Master's degree.                

Creative Development

Thinking out of the box is a joy to me. I love to run projects that challenge my personal skills which is an ongoing contribution to my learning.


Coding is an essential part of the work I do. Languages I am familiar with are Python, Javascript, Java, C#, C++ and old classic C.

My Work

Here are some of the projects I am or have been working on.

Emoji Statistics

A discord bot made for fun to track emoji usage and query in-depth statistics using MongoDB and discord.js. Currently being used by 4,000+ servers with more than 28 million recorded emoji uses.

Web Crawler & Topic Clustering

An open-source project for crawling news articles from different websites with the help of the CommonCrawl project. Also includes a multi-level clustering algorithm using K-Means and the Latent Dirichlet Allocation to sort ~286,000 articles into their relevant topics.

Contact Me

If you have any questions about my projects or something else, I am happy to read from you.
Just send me a pigeon.